3 level phonics program with Skip and Daisy
Includes Levels 1, 2 and 3

Learn The Alphabet
For kids who need to learn the sounds of the alphabet.

Extra Workbooks
Additional workbooks.

Phonics Lesson on DVD

Every parent’s wish is for their child to be successful in life and be happy. And one of the ways we can make that happen is to make sure our children are prepared for lifes challenges. Reading is one of the things that everyone needs to know how to do in order to make it through life. But unfortunately not all kids pick up reading as easy as others. This is where a good phonics lesson program come in.

In as little as 10 to 15 minutes a day, your child can become an expert reader… while enjoying every bit of the experience. The Skip and Daisy phonics-based reading program teaches children to read by sounding out words. Each lesson is an intense session where the targeted sound is designed to be remembered. The program does this by using the same sound they just learned in sentences and short stories.

Here is what other parents are saying about the program:

Unlike other programs, Learn to Read with Skip and Daisy is not just centered on word recognition. It is a fact that reading is not just plain memorization. Once you child has mastered the phonics method, they will be able to read just about any word by sounding it out using the rules they learned in the program.

Every time your child finishes a session, their reading ability and self confidence increases!

The 3 Level Phonics Package

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